Thursday, January 31, 2012

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It turns out including a video in this blog is a little more difficult than I thought! I’ll work on it!

Here’s something a little different!……We picked this colorful platter of tomatoes at a local farm stand.


We picked these at Farmer Mike’s U-Pick Farm Stand! Those green tomatoes are really ripe! We have feasted on these yummy tomatoes almost every day. We know we won’t taste any this delicious until July. You can see that the weather is a lot warmer here to ripen these babies!


Enjoy your warmer weather……Mrs. G.

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This stately heron surveyed the beach as if she owned it. Which, I suppose, she does! She posed for a few pictures and then headed to the rocks where she posed again. This heron is a cousin to the green heron hiding in the mangrove roots, but you can see she isn’t shy! Tomorrow I’ll try to post a great little video where she parades across the sand!

Take care! Mrs. G.

Heron on Beach

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Heron on Beach

Visiting Betty Ann

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Love to visit my dear friend and we are too long doing this, always! What an amazing woman she is!Image

Time for a new blog


Oh slice of life fans… I’ve missed you! I’ve been in the deluge of finishing up and starting anew! It’s time for a new title and a new blog! But first- a trip to California looms to visit with my brother’s family AND IT’S NOT SCHOOL VACATION!!
This is officially my first full week of retirement.
So far, it feels like winter break has just continued on and I’m sort of playing hooky.
Have to rescue a pot pie and stir some soup. Been catching up on e-mail etc. and smell something that’s on the edge of done in the kitchen.
Hoping to catch up on some of my favorite slicers and read some new folks.
Thanks again to Ruth and Stacey for continuing this great resource despite YOUR busy lives.
Oh, and happy and healthy 2012.

August Showers bring the plumber!

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What were those little spots on the ceiling? What was that tan streak? The Plumber arrived this morning to diagnose the situation. We pictured sawzall through the wall plastering and repainting.
Fortunately, the little curved pipe right at the control handle was the easily solved $14.95 issue. Sure the labor cost, but in the scheme of nothings we were excited that our plumber bill was almost within the price of the anniversary night stay in Boston and a very nice dinner we HAD been planning. Whew!

rainy day Monday

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Yes, it’s pouring rain… in August… a few weeks before school starts and the teachers wander in to survey their classrooms and take stock… preparing for the upcoming year…. the weeds grow… the gutters fill and the kids scatter in their bright raincoats to play in the puddles… savoring every moment!

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